[029] Want full approval for your niche? Score the value of your niche here

by Gwendi Klisa

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Quiz alert! Be walked through a set of questions that reveal the strength of your niche. By the end of this interactive episode you’ll have an actual score; and the higher it is, the more urgently you’ll want to look into clarifying a compelling niche.

Warning: this episode works best if you sit down and focus on it. The quiz isn’t easy to do while driving, doing chores, or when out for a run. So make yourself comfortable, grab a beverage of your choice and a pen and paper + let’s find out whether your niche has legs! 


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00:43 About this episode

01:04 Take the learning deeper with my profitable niche training register here

01:30 The niche reality check

05:03 Do these 3 things to assess the health of your niche

05:54 How to best answer the niche questions in this podcast so that you get a accurate temperature of your niche

07:10 The niche questions

19:30 Your score and next steps >>> bit.ly/nailyournichetraining


[028] These 3 Niche Fundamentals Form A Solid Foundation. Mind Them.

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