[024] Your Niche Is A Portal, Not A Box

by Gwendi Klisa

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Hello, you creative and multi-passionate soul! I just know you have loads of talents, interests and personal + professional experience! 

That’s what makes you so unique and frankly, it’s what makes life worth living.

And still, I won’t shut up about

  • lasering
  • defining 
  • drilling 

into your niche.

I actually came up with a way to unite these two concepts: Imagine your niche as a portal into your world, not a box.

Listen to this week’s episode, where I explain how it is possible to be multi-passionate and still have a very  defined niche.



0:00 About this episode

2:12 Take the Personality Quiz – https://gwendiklisa.com/quiz/

3:33 The number 1 reason people don’t niche

6:09 Starting out on a clearly defined niche

7:47 Your niche is a portal, not a box! 

8:29 A confused mind says “No.”

11:20 Sell them what they want, give them what they need

12:15 Thinking of your business and niche as “Front door – Back door”

13:50 I’m the last person interested in boxing someone in!

15:50 Giving your ideal clients the “one thing” they can expect to get from you

16:19 Are you too general and broad?

19:11 How to be a portal and not a box step by step

21:08 How to choose your headliner

22:45 My last word about those who have a number of very different passions


[023] Overcome the Secret Thoughts that Stop Your Niche Success in its Tracks

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