[021] A Niching Truth To Embrace If You’re Not Making The Money You Desire

by Gwendi Klisa

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There’s a lot of resistance to niching “down”, especially in the coaching and consulting world. 

This means you’ll be at an immediate advantage if you work up the courage to go super defined with your niche. I can only say: Do it, do it do it! 

This podcast episode will give you the little nudge you need to go all the way with your niche, and it’ll put an end to the common daft assumption that “you lose out on customers and sales if you niche down”.

The opposite is true (especially for newbies or if you have a small following). Defining your niche will stop like-minded customers in their tracks and bond them to you.

Enjoy the episode!

And let me ask you something: are you making the money you desire by being generalist?

If your answer is “No” then head over to the Profitable Niche Workshop, it’ll help you finally nail your niche.


Email me at hello@gwendiklisa.com if you wanna pre-register already!


0:00 – About this episode.

1:03 – Plans for January.

2:37 – The assumptions that prevent you from growing your business.

3:40 – Is being a generalist making you a lot of money?

5:03 – The more new your business is, the more specific you need to get.

5:53 – The flour milling industry.

7:10 – The more you niche down the more uncomfortable you’ll be.

9:27 – Specificity exercises: The more specialised you are, the more you can charge.

11:56 – Everything to everyone is nothing to no-one. People buy from specialists.


[020] Beware The Niche Death Trap

The Profitable Niche Workshop


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