[020] Beware The Niche Death Trap

by Gwendi Klisa

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A lot of entrepreneurs are pretty blocked when it comes to finding their niche, they’ve become stuck in an easily avoidable train of thought.

Listen to this episode to untangle this type of thinking and get you back on track nailing your niche. 

Time to analyse your niche objectively instead of overthinking this important piece of your business. It’s the overthinking part that more often than not leads to confusion, overwhelm and paralysis.

In this episode I’m shedding light onto these thought processes and show you how to get yourself out of the niching bog.

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0:00 – About this episode

3:50 – What is the Niche Death Trap?

4:47 – The first part of the niche death trap: Ignorance and Denial

7:20 – The second part of the niche death trap: Paralysis and stalling when finding your niche

9:45 – Finding a niche is art and science

11:06 – Creating momentum in finding your niche

13:05 – Nail your niche before investing

15:00 – Do not over-perfect your product

17:00 – The simple way to a profitable niche

19:14 – The Profitable Niche Workshop


[019] You love your niche. Are you positive your customers do too?

The Profitable Niche Workshop


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