[018] Unlock ease and flow in business and grow into your full personality

by Gwendi Klisa
Unlock ease and flow in business and grow into your full personality

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How to be a successful entrepreneur, tailor-made to your personality.

Discover the 4 entrepreneurial personality types we all fall into and see how you can build a successful business playing to your strengths. These 4 types are based on empirical studies of thousands of entrepreneurs and they’re super accurate.

Knowing which type you fall into helps you build a business that’s aligned with your powers, lets you cash in on what you’re awesome at + unlocks ease in your life.

So, which type are you?

Tribal Leader, Seeker, Commander or Role Model?

Go to gwendiklisa.com/quiz to find out straight away! Then listen to this episode for your full analysis (I’ll also send you your comprehensive report of course)


0:00 About this episode

1:21 The science behind the quiz

3:22 What you will get from the quiz

4:26 The 4 personality types

6:27 The Role Model personality type

9:37 Next success steps for the Role Model (channel your polar twin, the Commander)

11:11 The Commander personality type

13:33 Next success steps for the Commander (channel your polar twin, the Role Model)

15:25 The Seeker personality type

19:32 Next success steps for the Seeker (channel your polar twin, the Tribal Leader)

21:24 The Tribal Leader personality type

24:56 Next success steps for the Tribal Leader (channel your polar twin, the Seeker)

27:28 Find out your type at gwendiklisa.com/quiz


Take the test right now gwendiklisa.com/quiz

This quiz is loosely based on the book ‘Built for Growth’ by Chris Kuenne and John Danner, Harvard Business Review Press (2017)

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