[017] Let Your Personality Sparkle, Shimmer and Shine on Video

by Gwendi Klisa

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You hold all the power.

I hate to say it, but your personality is a BIG selling point in your business. Let’s make it count!

Your first impression, and your second, third, fourth and all other times you show up for your people.

We don’t want to leave this up to chance!

In this episode I talk about how you how you can bring out your authentic personality in your business and connect to your people in a real and meaningful way.

This episode is based on the popular Personal Brand workshop I held in the British Library in London, so be sure to have pen and a journal ready.


0:54 How to be clear, memorable and recognisable 

2:09 Get started with this quiz

4:25 About this episode

5:47 YOU, the influencer?

7:08 YOU get to decide who you want to be

8:12 How to excel at creating your personal brand

8:53 The hidden benefits of creating a personal brand

10:59 What it is not

12:27 ‘Who’s that girl?’

13:15 Personal brand on a practical level

16:15 The 5 steps to discover, implement and cultivate your personal brand

18:35 What makes YOU you

21:23 Your Who + Why

23:53 Adding the unconscious appeal to your personal brand

25:48 What is an archetype?

28:49 The archetype wheel

The Basic Human Archetypes according to C.G. Jung
The Basic Human Archetypes according to C.G. Jung

30:26 The secret

33:06 Ongoing implementation how to stay consistent 


Built for growth, Harvard Business Review Press (June 6, 2017)

C.G Jung

Seth Godin


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