[015] The Secrets To Being Seen + Heard On Video

by Gwendi Klisa

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Want to create content that your people can’t wait to devour? Get these 5 tips on how to be seen and heard on video.

This episode will help you cut through the ‘noise’ so that the time and effort you invest into making your videos will be rewarded with heaps attention from your ideal customers.


Let’s connect on Instagram, please find me, I’m @gwendiklisa and I look forward to getting to know YOU.


0:00 About this episode

2:22 Make first impressions count

6:02 Mix it up!

9:12 Be conscious of your set

10:14 Take up space

11:07 Why you need to address your ideal customer directly

12:22 How to own your message

12:44 Be as specific as you can

13:36 How to tune into your people

18:45 The pitfalls of taking too much time to tune in

20:09 A quick test to reveal the value of your offering

20:50 Get in front of your ideal customers


My previous podcast episodes about video

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Let’s connect on Instagram, I’m @gwendiklisa and look forward to getting to know you.


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