[014] Behind The Scenes Video-Creation Process: The Good, Bad and Ugly

by Gwendi Klisa

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Ready to go beyond live video? Whether you want to pre-record a teaching point for social, a course, or poster ware for your website, this episode will get you started.

In this hands-on session you’ll learn how you can create a weekly pre-recorded video.

This is an ideal way of creating content if you can’t or don’t want to batch create yet, an ideal way of getting that video practice in and an ideal way of testing your content without wasting too much time.

I’m sharing the exact tasks broken up into a daily workflow that are needed to get your video production off the ground.

Wondering how to remember everything you want to say without succumbing to getting a screenreader? (Yes, those seductive things WILL turn you into a BOT, this is also in this episode).

Finally, I spill the beans on the 3 ways of scripting I’ve identified: the Polished, the Preacher, and the Punk.

Let’s make a video!

xx Gwen

aka The Niche Queen


3:02 Pre-recorded video for beginners: YT, course, posterware

5:20 Scripting example videos go to my tutorial on Facebook/lovebrand community

6:25 The before, during and after of a pre-recorded video

7:33 Day 1

8:40 Day 2

14:18 Day 3

16:44 Day 4

17:01 How to script: the Polished, the Punk, the Preacher (includes how to stop the “ums”)

23:55 A word about screen-readers

25:56 Find us in our Facebook group


011 How to be efficient with content and still have fun creating it

012 Strengthen your video confidence with these revelations

Marie Forleo

Brendon Burchard

Casey Neistat

Love Brand Community Facebook group 

Audio to text transcription


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