[013] You Need More Than Your WHY to Smash It On Video

by Gwendi Klisa

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So you’ve decided to use video to get traction (fast) in your business?

This means you’re going to claim the mike, stage, camera!

Here’s something a lot of entrepreneurs forget. The first thing to do is to entertain you audience OWN it. FILL the space you’re claiming.

Give yourself permission to ROCK, let yourself shine unapologetically.

Be prepared to entertain. Make yourself bigger.

Oh my. You might be thinking.

No worries, I used to have the same concern. But I learned how to project my personality through the camera.

And in this episode I share on what I learned in the process.


xx Gwen

The Niche Queen


0:00 About this episode

1:43 How to fill the stage and entertain your audience

4:48 How to project through the camera vs public speaking

6:45 How to steel yourself to sell on live video

8:33 How to win at live streaming

9:18 Draw your audience in

9:42 How to meet ‘n greet your viewers in a live video

11:21 The live factor freakout

13:53 Your stage persona

15:18 “GET” camera presence

19:16 Steps to camera confidence

20:08 Why so many entrepreneurs suck on camera

22:32 Do this and improve dramatically

24:13 How to create videos that people actually want to watch

25:28 Practice, practice, practice!


012 Strengthen your video confidence with these revelations

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