[012] Activate Your Video Confidence with These Revelations

by Gwendi Klisa

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Strengthen your resolve, revive your zest and feel that powerful confidence in your message again.

This is so key for camera work, for speaking on stage, or simply when you need a pep talk to claim your space and spread your message.

The revelations I share in this episode are profound and they’ll also work wonders for your sales confidence!

So tune in whenever you need that boost, before tricky sales conversations, speaking gigs and definitely recall my 5 points every time you go on camera.

Enjoy this episode,

xx Gwen


0:00 About this episode

2:54 Don’t let anyone make you wrong about wanting to be in the limelight

5:24 Don’t be afraid to stand out

6:52 YOU matter, what you have to say matters

9:26 Don’t make this about you

11:40 Be ready for not everyone to like you

12:47 How to handle the startup phase when no-one is watching your video

14:17 Share you message on video with daily business-building video prompts


Episode 11 How to be efficient with content and still have fun creating it

Episode 13 You Need More Than Your WHY to Smash It On Video (Out on 26/06/2020)

Get video confident fast with daily business-building video prompts


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