[011] How to Be Efficient with Content and Still Have Fun Creating It

by Gwendi Klisa

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In this episode we talk about what kind of content your audience wants from you, how to be as efficient with your content creation as possible – while still keeping the fun in it! 

This might not be for everyone but I gotta admit to referring to this as a Sausage Factory, but totally respect if you call it something entirely else!

I’m not a year-in-advance content mapper, this way of creating content is very near to what’s actually going on in the world. A content sausage factory on-the-go if you like.

I’ll also outline the proven basic structure you can implement in your own posts to ensure that you don’t leave subscribers and leads on the table. And I’ll talk about one of my favourite things: how to HOOK!

You gotta include that irresistible proposition, add in that juicy call to action that your people won’t be able to resist.


0:00 Welcome

1:15 Don’t wait with your creation till inspiration strikes

4:04 About this episode

5:32 The content sausage factory

6:02 Define your Content Megabuckets

10:32 Download your Content Cheat Sheet 

10:51 How long in advance should you plan out your content

12:02 How much should you share for free

13:45 Why it’s important to structure your posts well

14:23 Basic proven post format

17:03 Don’t make this hook mistake

17:58 Hook – transformation – CTA (call to action)


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