[010] Don’t Make This Mistake With Video

by Gwendi Klisa
Don't Make this Mistake with Video

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Slay video procrastination by identifying what kind of video you actually need to create.

Disclaimer: I’m not gonna give you a list of kit that’ll allow for studio-quality video production. Those scenarios are for later, once you’re more experienced and possibly have a team in place.

This is for you if you’re at the beginning of your adventure with video creation, I’ll be cheering you on to “start before you’re ready” because I want every entrepreneur to have a proper go at video and not stumble at the first obstacle, the perfectionism paralysis.

I’ll talk about basic considerations, such as sound, light, camera lockup (that is how to prop up your camera) and how to draw your viewers in with your magnetism!


0:00 About this episode

03:35 The first stumbling block

04:42 Video’s high barrier to entry

05:51 Livestream advantages and disadvantages

07:46 Pre-recorded video advantages and pitfalls

09:24 Identify your video needs

10:56 Decide on sound, light, lockup

17:47 Be magnetic on video

19:15 How to get my daily video prompt

19:49 The steps to get started with great video


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Episode 11 How to be efficient with content and still have fun creating it (coming out 12/06/2020)


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