[006] Create a Biz Base that Invites Energy Overflow

by Gwendi Klisa

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I’ll uncover 3 simple components you need to consider if you want your business to stand out and shine brightly. I’ll show you how to create a solid base that invites energy of overflow.

  1. Survey the landscape you find yourself in
  2. Know where to find your buyers!
  3. Get great clarity of what YOU have to offer

Apply this formula and you’ll be able to easily attract followers, subscribers and buyers.

(Psssst… it’s never too late to cast an eye on this, even if you have a business already.)

Can’t wait to see what you make of it! Get in touch here hello@gwendiklisa.com


0:00 About this episode

4:36 The 3 components that make up your solid base

7:37 Get clarity on YOU. Don’t hide behind a logo! Make money being YOU

10:14 The logical vs intuitive approach

11:17 Analyse the environment and context your business is in while enjoying this process!

13:23 Why you don’t need to be jealous of your “competition”

15:44 Inspiring and being inspired by your ideal client

18:47 How to be most efficient working these 3 components

21:12 Locating  the solid base from where you’ll tap into the energy of overflow

22:05 Wanna take this further? Click here!


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[001] The No1 Mistake To Avoid When You Find Your Niche 

Alexia Malik, who is “passionate about hair, pornstar martinis & helping women get the hair of their dreams. Oh … I also happen to have 35 years’ experience as a salon-owning, corrective colouring, extension specialist & divorcee counsellor!” Follow her on facebook to get onto her “From Couch to Glam Online Hair” challenge – watch this space!


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