[008] Niche headache? The Surprising Solution To Being Stuck

by Gwendi Klisa

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Stuck trying to find your niche?

Yes, there’s a whole process to creating a strategy that will make you unique, a strategy that will make you stand out, but this shouldn’t be paralysing.

So many entrepreneurs are overwhelmed by this process, and it’s time we set ourselves free.

This episode is your solution to get you unstuck quickly so that you can be on your way making some serious money in your business.


0:00 Welcome

0:49 Join us now: Rock on Video 10-day challenge 

1:29 About this episode

2:01 Common stumbling blocks you need to overcome

2:34 What your famous mentor might have forgotten about real people

4:07 Your one thing is what gets people through the door

4:54 The strategy and process around niche finding

5:41 Why we get stuck searching for our niche

6:49 A way out of the trap

7:32 Be prepared to break up with Little Miss Perfect

8:46 Identify a starting point that’s good enough

10:21 Solve this problem in a day

10:51 Get started

11:27 How often to work on strategy

11:53 How to test your strategy

12:18 Do this if someone wants to buy something from you that isn’t within your planned niche

13:33 When it’s okay to start out with a bigger niche than planned

14:21 Start start start

15:12 Final words 


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