[007] Why You Can (And Should!) Get Great At Video

by Gwendi Klisa

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Do you LOVE performing on camera?

Because I want to invite you to embrace this way of getting traction in your niche!

I don’t want you to just go through the motions, be all stressed out or stiff, I want you to actually enjoy it!


It’s a lightning fast way to grow your business – and it’s fun – once you’ve got your head around it
It’s an exhilarating and easy way to stand out (and yes, you can do it!) 

All it takes is a decision, a step and the commitment to finally Rock On Video. 

And I’ll promise that you’ll get GREAT in front of the camera. 

How do I know this? I’ve done it myself, my clients have and many others are in on this too. And I’ll admit that it was a challenge to take that first step, but if I can manage this, you can do this too. Get in on the video train before “everyone” is onto this.

So here’s the first step for you: listen to this week’s podcast. I’ll dive into simple tricks I learned you can apply right now to ROCK ON VIDEO! 

Join my FREE 10-Day Rock On Video Challenge starting on May 20th, click here bit.ly/RockOnVideo


0:00 Welcome

0:41 The Rock On Video Challenge

1:25 Are you using the power of video in your business? 

2:46 Do you get stage fright? Watch this!

4:54 Why we stutter, ummm, go into stiff expert mode or even run a blank

5:49 How to get great on video

6:57 These two factors will get you started

12:22 Overcome our resistance to video

14:00 The two most important factors for you to nail when it comes to video

15:39 Become unstoppable – starting today

16:32 The big mindset shift every successful video marketer needs to make

17:46 What not to do on video

18:15 Look ridiculously good on video

18:57 And be magnetic

19:56 This is so often forgotten

20:56 The flip side of stage fright 


Free 10-Day Rock On Video Challenge, join now bit.ly/RockOnVideo

“Dior and I”, 2014


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