[005] The Truth About Content And How To Be More Exciting

by Gwendi Klisa

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Yah yah yah, we know it. We gotta create a steady flow of content to make ourselves heard. What we don’t want to do though is to simply go through the motions.

It won’t be FUN and it certainly won’t grab and inspire our followers.

Here’s what we’ll do instead:

We want to lead with passion, we’ll add the niche element to our communications. This will make you fall in love again with your own content plus it’ll help you get that traction with your people.

Word of caution: what I’m suggesting in this episode is not for the faint-hearted. You gotta be ready to share and speak from the heart.

Bring out your authentic voice, let yourself shine brightly and you’ll fall in love with everything you create. 

Plus, you’ll be irresistible to those you’re meant to serve. YOU GOT THIS Queen!


0:00 About This Episode

0:46 A massive thankyou 

1:58 the truth about boring content and how to make it exciting again

2:54 What is a niche and why you can safely define it narrowly

5:23 What is Niche Marketing?

8:45 How to build a Niche Audience?

11:07 Niche Marketing is next level Content Marketing

12:52 How to create Niche relationships

13:53 Content marketing with a twist

16:36 Create exclusivity in your niche

18:36 Sales Prevention I: Be the Marmite!

21:32 Sales Prevention II: Spell it out 

22:43 The Niche Marketing Process

26:05 Take this further with my offer for podcast listeners


The Niche Queen Mini Intensive only 4 spaces left!

[001] The No1 Mistake To Avoid When You Find Your Niche 

[004] These 10 Questions Reveal The Value Of Your Niche

“They ask, you answer”, Jim Sheridan

“Daring greatly”, Brene Brown

“The Greatest Showman” (2017)


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