[004] These 10 Questions Reveal The Value Of Your Niche

by Gwendi Klisa

Settling into an efficient and profitable niche requires you to do two things:

Be brave and go narrow! Define your one inch wide (and a mile deep) area of the market – and own it unapologetically.

But how narrow is “too small”?

Listen to today’s episode and get the 10 questions my most profitable clients use to check the power of their niche.


xx Gwen

aka the Niche Queen


0:00 about this episode
3:16 Niche definition 
3:48 Why chomping on the big chunk won’t lead to success
4:34 Am I obsessed with helping people with this?
6:17 Why I’m obsessed helping you find your profitable niche
11:08 What’s the specific problem you solve?
12:27 What if what you offer isn’t answering a specific, urgent need?
14:50 Who has this specific problem?
17:48 Can you think of an actual person with this specific problem?
19:11 Where can I meet this person?
19:53 Am I able to access her world?
22:32 Does your ideal customer realise she has this problem? 
23:07 Are they investing in this right now?
23:35 The best niche
24:37 How to create that need
25:38 How bad does your ideal customer want this problem fixed?
27:01 Are there enough people in the world who want the solution I offer?
31:11 Are you able to help with this?
32:28 Book yourself in for the last remaining spaces on the Niche Queen Mini Intensive where I’ll walk you personally through all of this


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