[002] How to Show Up, Serve, and Sell during a global pandemic

by Gwendi Klisa

It’s okay if you don’t come out of lockdown with a fresh manuscript and a spanking new side hustle but in this podcast I’m making a case for using the current energy to show some extreme ownership for what you do.

I talk about how you can best serve your people right now – giving them exactly what they want and whether this is a time for making offers (it is, actually!)

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00:00 About this episode
02:05 How to show up? 
02:19 Don’t hide. Be you
04:12 Have a great comeback rate
06:53 Handle it
07:59 The 2008 financial crisis
09:02 Harness the extreme conditions now
10:53 How to serve
11:57 Find out what’s going on in your people’s life right now
12:24 The stages we’re all going through with this pandemic
13:17 Pick your people up from where they are
14:49 What to say?
14:55 Have some fun!
15:24 Don’t ignore the elephant in the room
16:09 Get creative, “Homefluencer”!
16:49 Tweak your message so that you get through to your people
18:00 How to create an offer that people need right now
20:20 What if you feel it’s all been done already?
20:45 Should you sell?
21:19 We are the economy
22:08 Challenges to selling right now
22:55 “People aren’t buying right now”
23:46 Own the worth you offer
24:24 How to take this information further

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