by Gwendi Klisa

Voice of Customer data is the fast train to understanding your ideal customer

Learn how to get into your ideal customers’ head, every time. In all of your copy, in your message, wherever you choose to communicate. This is best done in a conversation speaking directly to your ideal customer. But what do you do when they’re not around? This is where the VOC data, the voice of customer data, comes in handy.

Look at VOC data as your ticket into the minds and hearts of our ideal customers. A ticket to knowing who they are, what moves them, what motivates them, what they desire. VOC data spits out your ideal customers’ problems and aspirations – in their language. And all this knowledge helps you achieve two things: serve your people better and get them to buy into your products.

Had enough of ideal customer avatar work? 

I hear you. You’re not alone. However if you create your own content, your have create it in your ideal customers’ language. You wanna speak to their pain points and address their aspirations. Every time you communicate with them. You wanna be able to create desire in them.

Still, not every entrepreneur chooses to spend time doing the ideal customer research. So if you’re still reading, consider yourself at an advantage. So, so many entrepreneurs just skip through this work. Don’t be like them!

Wanted: the raw, uncensored customer voice

This voice, is the uncensored, raw, unedited expression of your ideal customers. The voice they actually used to speak about your services, about the problems you’ve made it your calling to solve, about their pain points, their gain points, what they hope to achieve. All of that! 

When you listen to this voice, when you really stand back and listen what your people say, you’ll access a goldmine of words and phrases. All in your ideal customers’ exact language. Big companies and agencies have entire teams dedicated to this kind of research. 

So where do I find this Voice of Customer data? 

You may be wondering ok, I’d like some of that too. 

And it’s actually easier to get by than you think. You can access it, how about right now?

No problem. This is how you do it. Put aside two hours and get yourself onto Amazon, find books in your niche – and study the reviews. 

Theses reviews are usually done by people who bought the book. Check for that to make sure these are real reviews from real people. 

Real people who are literally hanging out in your niche. Real people who will also be interested buying from you. So how does it sound getting an insight into their personal views? 

Grab your highlighter and mark all the words that keep popping up in those reviews, the sticky copy, the phrases that are being repeated, the themes. 

These serve as the building blocks for your message. These are phrases to weave into your copy, sales pages, social media posts, emails, livestream scripts, everywhere you communicate. These words will eventually translate into your message.

Using their original language ensures that whenever your ideal customer comes across your content, on your website for example, they’ll think: “You got into my head. I’m going to read on!”

Listening in

Another place to access VOC data right now is on social media. Plug in and do some listening on there. The same principles apply. Look out for patterns, phrases, specific words, specific language, simple every day language your ideal customer will use when they don’t edit themselves.

Build your own VOC library

And here’s the big one. If you want fresh voice of customer data on tap, then do your own interviews. Gather your people, sit them down and record what they’re saying. Especially once they’re warmed up and they feel that they don’t need to censor themselves anymore. 

Speak their language 

The best language to use to get someones attention is the language they speak. The best words to use to convince someone are the words they use themselves. Use our listening for good. Use it to serve more and sell more.

I’m holding a free training on this subject and you can reserve your spot by clicking this link


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