by Gwendi Klisa
Everything you produce needs a visual brand


You create your own content for your business, right? It’s your job to create and maintain a mesmerising visual brand. This is no mean feat and it’s what people study at university. Here’s your IN.

Let’s play a game. Visualise yourself in full creative director mode. Be the creative director you have to be for your business vision.

Because we need to have that vision, that creative direction before we start any of our content creation. 

We need to know what we’re doing. Because your content, the way you present yourself, the message you send out is one of the pillars of your business. What you put out there is largely responsible for the sales you bring in. So we want to be taking our job extremely seriously. 

Read on to see how you can take it up a notch.

Let’s talk about your overall vision for your visual brand. Bare with me. You got this, it’s fun and very important to you success.

Your visual brand message

Visual brand is how you present every element of your business to the world. It makes up the visual part of your message. The language you use and how you show up as the person behind the brand are the other two elements of your message. These three together should form a distinct, coherent and compelling message. 

As a content creator you have to have direction and passion for your message.

And you got to be intentional about the way you use it.

Bringing YOU into your visual brand 

To tap into this passion we want to make sure that there’s enough of YOU in the brand.

Find what you have in you and show it to the world. You make YOU the basis of your own business. That’s one way you can differentiate yourself. And it’s a surefire way to stay in there for the long haul. It’s how you confidently show your people the way because you know this is the real thing.

Having a strong foundation will give you the confidence to promote the hell out of your products and it will help you to ask for the sale with a straight face.

So in order to get a really good message and be passionate about your business, discover and show you. 

Who are you creating for?

Who is it you are communicating to? I’ve got a lot of materials on ideal client because I want to make sure that you take into account what motivates your people when you create your message and your visual presentation.

You gotta take into account what your people want and like! 

Who’s listening and watching? What do they want to see from you? How can you help them and how do they want this help to look like? What do they wanna see? You will want to have your ideal client’s tastes in mind when you create your visual brand.

The 3 pillars of your brand

To create and own a visual brand that smashes all you’ve ever seen for yourself. You need to honour these 3 principles. Get out there consistently. Be crystal clear. Be intentional about your message.

So how do we, how are we on brand? How can we be intentional with our visual brand? 

Formalise your visual brand

This is where we can start thinking about making it all official, committing it to paper. 

To hit the right note with your visual presentation every time, consistently you need to formalise your strategy. Write it down!

Make your visual brand official, at least have it scribbled on a paper somewhere to start with, create your brand style guide as a reference. For you and for anyone who will design for you. 

This brand style guide will have a quick note of what fonts you use, what size should they be? What’s the line height, what’s the leading, etc you can be as detailed as you like with this or you can just start out with just writing down the basics: what font, what color palette, logo specs.

And it can get more specific. What type of imagery will you use? What color scheme will be on the imagery? What filters will you use if any? 

How does my logo look, how much space to breathe as my logo need? 

What colors, what backgrounds can it be on? 

All these are aspects of your visual brand forming an overall picture and you want to make sure that you know what you’re doing with it.

This does not have to be difficult. It can be fast, it can be quick. You can make quick decisions about it, but you want to be intentional. 

You don’t even have to create a full designed brand style sheet, it can be a note on your note pad.

Your key to efficiency 

Having you visual brand formalised in a stylesheet will make you mega efficient. You’ll create content with ease. You won’t have to worry anymore about the style, shape or form your material will take on. You’ve done the work already and you’ll know what looks good. 

You’ll be able to focus on creating great value content for your people – which also looks consistently on brand.

Your next steps

If you like this, please do join my webinar. I’ll show you what you need to create a compelling visual brand. What to include, what the pitfalls are. Click this link to reserve you space. See you there!


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