by Gwendi Klisa
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Individuality is key to looking good online

Let’s clear up a common misconception people have about visual brand. We want to look good online. That is crucial to our success as a business, as browsers make snap decisions on whether they love what they see or not based on how we look.

Like it or not like it or not, but everything you put out there visually, the way that you present yourself, the way your website looks to the way you structure your social media posts, all of that creates an impression – and people will judge you by it. 

Packaging sells and there’s tons of research on this, for example this. That’s why we need to ensure that all the visual elements we send out are consistent, recognisable and look good to our people. 


Our people. This is key. That’s all we need to keep in mind.

How do we do this? 

Dive deep and bring back your true self. Get clear on your story, your YOU, express it, show yourself in all your glory. 

Show your true self in your business. Reveal yourself in your visual brand. I really don’t want you to hold back on this.

Let yourself shine. 

That is how you will stand out. The right people, the ones this resonates with, will get you and buy into it. 


Look good online doesn’t mean scrubbing everybody up with the same brush, this is the misconception. 

It’s not only flawed, it’s also very damaging. Think of this idea as the killer of individuality and creativity. 

People will start to look the same.

People will not enjoy visual brand because they feel they have to conform to some kind of random ideal. 

They’ll miss out on a very rewarding part of their business, because visual brand is a real chance to play. It’s meant to be the fun part!

They might even reject this whole area of their business, thinking it’s not for them.

And this is such a shame, because there’s no ideal to conform to. Not in 2020. Not if we make it so.

Be what you want

Be any visual look from completely grungy and grimy – and that is a brand – as long as it’s consistent and it fits in with the message. People want that!

Or you could be completely high-end and super polished – and other people want that. 

There really is a tribe for each brand and each individual expression, it’s time we own it! 

Go Premium

You can still be edgy you know.

There’s only one thing, grungy or glam, I want you to position yourself as a premium brand. I want you to channel the expensive but worth it philosophy. 

Because let’s face it. There’s some brands we’d pay more for in a heart beat. Some brands that we’re loyal to. We love their presentation, we love their philosophy, the way they do business, we love everything about them. And when pushed we’ll pay more.

This is definitely true for me and I’d wager a guess that this also holds for you.

A business’ visual brand influences our buying decisions. Sure, there are other factors that play into a buying decision, such as price, availability, convenience. 

For us, the aim should be to position ourselves as a premium brand and in order to do that we need to have a fantastic relationship with our visual brand. 

Creating a brand that our people know, love and trust ensures that we never have to compete on price, which is a race to the bottom.

Manage your visual brand like a pro

To round this off, let’s look at what goes into your visual brand so that you can be sure all your visual elements work in unison.

So there’s the personal appearance, 

the personal brand.

Your online presentation such as website, 

online shop,

social media profiles 

and anywhere else you pop up online.

And there’s your offline presentation 

such as your brick and mortar store, 

your stationery, 


and everything else you get from the printers, 

Your visual brand is all your brand identity elements together.

We need to take all of that into consideration to tell your whole visual brand story. We are supposed to play with it, challenge it, experiment with it. This is the fun part!

Wanna learn more? Join me in a webinar where I’ll teach content creators how to max your visual branding, SO that you can keep building up that know, love and trust factor. To reserve your place, please follow this link.


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