by Gwendi Klisa
Business message

you don’t need to be better than your competitors, you just need to be different

What’s your business’ message? Is it clear? Full of personality? Does it motivate people to follow you and buy from you? I’m asking because it’s so easy to gloss over this important element. Lots of entrepreneurs ignore this foundational part of their business.

I get it. Message doesn’t sound like much. You can’t touch it, hold it, it takes patience to get right and it’s not the obvious place to look when you’re trying to start or grow a business.

The stuff you can’t bottle

It’s not something you wake up to and feel you NEED. Still, it holds the key to your business success.

So instead of rising to the thought: “I wanna create an authentic, unique and inspiring message!”, we’re waking up thinking:

I need more followers, subscribers, buyers, clients.

I need more sales

Then the next step might go like: I need a new sales page, I need to do facebook ads, I need to send more persuasive emails to my list, I need to show up more on instagram stories. And that is a great approach, but all this content will miss the point if there’s no message.

You have no business without message

Because the right message will get you followers, subscribers, and buyers. And if you don’t have an engaged audience a scrambled, dull, inauthentic, inconsistent communication will be to partially to blame.

Your message is the core of your livelihood. It’s what you send out to the world, it’s how you present yourself, it’s the driving force behind your marketing. It’s the deciding factor of whether you’ll make it or not.

This is even more crucial if you’re creating all your content yourself. And I know you do! Listen, big companies invest millions in their message every year. They hire agencies who have whole teams dedicated to this.

You’ve got a big job to do. Do not take it lightly!

Your message permeates everywhere. Your email newsletters, your sales pages, social media updates, your DMs, business cards, to what you wear on stage, and all the non verbal cues you send out from images on your blog to your posture in your live streams. It’s how you present yourself and your business to the world. It’s your style, your energy, your brand.

Message helps your people get to know you, love you and trust you. It helps you persuade and sell.

Your message makes it instantly clear what your business stands for, people will immediately be able to read you.

Like it or not, within 10 seconds people will have made a judgment of your business by taking in your message. In the worst case they may not even take any notice at all. Or they may dislike it but hopefully they will love it. 

Message is the deciding factor in this initial decision. Do I like this or not? Is this my thing or not? Is this worth spending more time on or not? 

And if it passes this first test it lures in your audience further by telling them how you will help them get what they want. Make this compelling and they’ll follow along.

How do you convince people to do anything? 

You send them a clear message they ‘get’, that motivates them. Do you see how important message is? 

Get this right and you’ll connect and convert with ease. Get this right and you’ll hold a powerful tool that will help you sell anything. The right message can achieve the impossible and change the world.

3 components to every successful message

Every successful message that converts browsers into buyers is alive with clarity, personality, and inspiration.

Firstly, your message needs to be crystal clear. It cuts straight to the point, it doesn’t leave any questions open. 

A message has personality when it comes from your authentic self, it’s human, relatable and it’s unique. 

And your message is inspiring when it speaks to your people, hits a nerve with them, and they’ll think “I’m so glad to have you in my life. You’re in my head, I want the same things. I’ll follow this. I’ll join this. I want this. I’ll buy this”. 

Not to forget – and this is the cracker – your message needs to be inspiring to yourself, you absolutely must feel it so that you’ll be able to spread it with heart and soul. With passion.

I’ve made it my mission to make sure your message has clarity, personality and inspiration.

The next step for you

I’ve reserved a few spots in my diary to talk to people in my community, so if you’d like to get an analysis of where you are right now with your business and where you want to get to, simply register by clicking this link. This will give you access to my diary where you can book this one hour complimentary clarity call.


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