Facebook livestream mindset tricks

by Gwendi Klisa
Business coach in studio

Are you using the power of facebook livestreams for your business?

Hands up, who loves to perform on video!? Take facebook livestream for example, there’s two groups of entrepreneurs: those who LOVE doing them, and then there’s those who need some getting used to it. Personally, I’d have never in a million years thought that I’d be able to convince myself to shoot – and upload – a youtube video of myself, let alone speaking live on a stream. 

Putting myself out there on video was completely out of my depth. I worried about presentation, and obsessed about having neither the right set nor the right kit. These mental blocks ruled out video as a marketing option for me, which is a shame because video is a great channel once you’ve gotten to grips with it.

The RadLad Video Competition

About a year ago, I changed my thinking about video from one day to the next. I came across a video competition by http://radlad.co.uk that spurred me into action. I threw my hat into the ring and won the competition and am wearing the T-Shirt today!

Try This Trick

The competition gave me a deadline with the possibility of winning a treat at the end. Which shows how straightforward this really is. But there was a deeper reason of why I managed to get over myself, and it was something incredibly simple. So simple in fact, that it cured me once and for all of jumping out of my seat every time I watched myself speak. This trick is so powerful that it helped me get over the silly apprehensions holding me back from pressing record (followed by upload).

Now, I’m cool with seeing myself on video. I’m not kidding, as long as sound and light are perfect and the background is on brand! 

All I did was shift my focus from thinking about myself and my small world to YOU and the value I can bring to you. Think about the people learning from you and how much you help them. Think about how you serve others with your content. This was it. Switch. Video really isn’t about me and how I look or come across, it’s about how I can help YOU. You overcome your inner mean girl by realising that the video you’re making is not about you, but about your audience and the message they need to hear from you.

What if the facebook livestream isn’t perfect?

Who cares if the facebook livestream isn’t a hundred percent, if there’s a hair out of place, if you don’t have a swoon-worthy backdrop. The most important thing is that the content helps and that you continually get better at this. Stop feeling self conscious and show up from a place of support and confidence. This doesn’t mean we’re allowed to wing it, and I’m not saying a pixelated picture or crappy sound will do much for your viewer. But you can iron these things out once you’ve done a handful of videos.

Start small

Get in front of the camera and do a facebook livestream, which is the easiest, least faff-y way to produce video content. Facebook live will eliminate the step where you might try and edit your video. With the editing work taken out of your hands you’ve gained a massive chunk of time and lost your technical excuse to procrastinate on your video production. Get your script ready, bust out your phone, stand near a window, make sure the sound is as good as you can and get the ball rolling. 

Let’s do this together

I get the feeling that you want to do video so let me invite you to a challenge! Let’s create together in the facebook livestream challenge. Let’s put our brand message out there in a bigger way. Let’s help our communities and show up once a week with a video? This doesn’t have to be difficult! All you need is an iPhone and do a facebook live.

In case you’ve never done this before, let me reassure you: I promise it gets easier. It really does. Every. Single. Time.

I want to get really good at video and in order to achieve that I have to show up, record, and deliver it live. It’s exhilarating, you should try it sometime if you haven’t yet done so. And remember, we have to be bad first before becoming good.

Join my facebook community for the free facebook livestream challenge

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