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Catherine is the original power woman. She is hyper organised, efficient, and, on top of that is an amazon bestselling author How to be a Virtual Assistant. She’s got it going on and here’s the deal: she will make you feel comfortable with her down to earth attitude and great sense of humour. She definitely made me laugh out loud, read the interview all the way to the end and you know what I mean!

Catherine runs a successful Virtual Assistant business from her home in Swindon, Wiltshire specialising in social media, WordPress support, MailChimp and bookkeeping. I know, I know… “Gwen, give me her number!!”

What’s the one thing that you excel at, that you do better than anyone else?

Efficiency. I could probably earn a quarter more than I do already if I wasn’t so damn efficient. I find better, easier ways to do things and free up time. Our way of life is so busy and fast these days that we need to be super efficient so I am lucky this comes naturally. I caught it off my Mum, she’s very organised too, except in the kitchen, you need a Hep B to step in there!

List the three most important principles you live by

Honest – some call it blunt, I think honesty sounds nicer. I don’t beat around the bush or pander to people, life is short and time is precious, so I say it as it is. If there’s something in a client’s business, that’s my area of expertise, that isn’t working I will help and be honest with my feedback.

Genuine – if your bum looks big in something I’m probably going to tell you if you ask.

Laughter – I like to laugh, laughter is important. I try and add elements of fun into my marketing and social media, just to allow people a break from the norm if anything.

Do you keep hearing the same compliment? What is it?

Uh, difficult question. How do you answer that without sounding arrogant? Um. The word ‘Legend’ came through email today from a client. I call myself it regularly, does that count?

Why do people seek you out?

Because everyone else was busy. Hahaha, no because they’re busy! My clients are all business owners or senior staff within organisations who just don’t have the time or inclination to do the stuff I enjoy. I get most of my business from recommendations. I am doing a good job for all my clients, meeting their expectations and working efficiently, so they very kindly often recommend me. My book has also created a lot of attention too, which has resulted in so many more enquiries for my VA services.

List three words that describe you, how do people introduce you?

Catherine: people introduce me as Catherine.

Focused: if I say I am going to do something my friends, family and my clients know it means it’ll get done. When I said I was going to write a book, my family were enormously supportive and not once did they bat an eyelid, they knew I’d do it. Saying that, I did say I’d finish painting the cellar stairs, but it’s so boring…

Supportive: My family, friends and my clients would definitely tick this box if asked to describe me. I’ll always listen and offer support and advice to others when they ask. It’s so important to support others in their dreams and goals, which is why as a VA I enjoy seeing my clients achieve their goals because their time has been freed up to focus on building their business.

What’s the secret sauce you add to your working life?

Make time for me. Whether it’s breakfast with a friend, a trip to a charity shop, lunch with the bf or a day out with my daughter I make sure I do something for me (and not the business) every week! Yes, week. Just today my daughter and I went out for ice cream at 4pm, I couldn’t have done that when I was an employee – I’d have also been thinner when I was an employee – swings and roundabouts hey.

What makes your heart beat faster? What gives you energy?

Well I have Addison’s Disease so a car door being slammed shut can make my heart go a bit mental. But aside from that, running. I absolutely love running and try and go out three times a week. It’s a great way to process any stress and to get clarity of mind. It’s also an inexpensive hobby once you’ve invested in trainers.


Find out more about her virtual assistant services and follow her on IG: @delegate_va and facebook 


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