6 techniques to really “get” your ideal client

by Gwendi Klisa
ideal clients

6 techniques to understand your ideal client and connect to them… from the heart

Understand your ideal client and create the products and content they want and love – TODAY

Entrepreneurs often get stuck with this exercise and try to avoid it altogether, which should not be allowed actually! Or they do it in their heads. Don’t let this be you. Don’t fall into this trap. If you want to grow your business and actually sell your wares you need to understand your ideal client.

Do the proper research into your ideal client’s heart, mind, and preferences. This will enable you to see the world through their eyes. And speak directly to their heart. This is what we need to achieve in order to provide value content and products they love. Diving deep into their personality, wants, habits, and desires is hard, but crucial.

Here are six different approaches you can start implementing today. Remember, this is a job that big companies spend hundreds of thousands on every year, it’s so worth it!

The Data Miner

This is the foundation and something every aspiring entrepreneur should do first to understand their ideal client. Study the available data for your industry. See what the consumer trends are and even take reports and statistics from outside your industry into account.

This is an easy task that can be done from your sofa. Yet, it forms the basis for your further research. Keep in mind that the data you are gathering has been collected at a certain point in the past, and subsequently is somewhat static. Additionally, you won’t be able to ascertain how truthful the answers were or if they were given by your true ideal clients.

The Journalist

It’s time to get out there into the real world and see what the people you have identified as your ideal clients have to say. It is empirically proven that you can get great insights with as little as five interviews, so do set up those coffee dates or Skype calls.

The caveat is that you need to train yourself to listen with an open mind, and not trying to hear what you want to hear. Make sure your interviewee is not trying to make you happy with their comments. To ensure this you could ask open ended and quantifyable questions. For example instead of asking: “Would you buy this product? How much would you spend on this?” you should go for the kill: “How much have you spent in the past year on similar products”.

This can be a real eye opener! Finally, take special note of particular phrases that keep popping up. This creates a language sheet for you to dip in when you copy-write that speaks your ideal client’s language.

The Observer

Observe how your ideal clients behave in the real world. For instance, you could shadow one of your ideal clients when they’re using your product and jot down how they’re going on about it and what their challenges are. You can use non-intrusive video for this step too.

This type of set-up will allow you a deep insight into how your offerings are perceived by your market. If you manage to stay in the background and look at the results with an open mind you’ll get an unbiased view of how your products are received. And again, do note specific typical phrases your ideal client uses as this will be invaluable inspiration for your copywriting.

The Actor

Here you can take two different approaches. Firstly, you need to get over your inhibitions. Step into the mind of your ideal client. Write out their hopes and dreams, uncover their most irrational fears, there is no need to be PC about this!

I know, it is tough. Many of my clients struggle with this task. Keep in mind though that you are diving deep into their minds because you have something to offer to them that is of immense value to their life. Keeping your “Why” at the centre of your mind will ease your barrier to doing this exercise. It will be worth it! You’ll unearth a goldmine of language you can later on use in your copy. You’ll get a great insight into what moves your ideal customer to reach fro their wallets.

The second thing you can do when doing the Actor exercise is way more fun: gift yourself. Order your own product! Take your own online course and see how the encounter with your business feels. Always observing this from the perspective of your ideal client.

The Team Player

There’s an easy way and a more tricky way to do this: let’s start with the easy way.

You’ll probably all have come across this on social media. Ask your tribe: “Should I use this book cover? Or that book cover?” “Do you like to hear more about X or Z?” “Do you like this or that logo?” You’ll get first hand answers of what your people want.

The more elaborate way of doing this is to work with a group of your ideal clients on an ongoing basis to explore and develop new ideas. Firstly, you’ll develop a product exactly to the specs of your ideal clients. And an added bonus is that we’re always more passionate about the things we co-create, so let your audience have a say in what you’re making. So that you’ll have some beta clients right away and will be serving up products and content they’ll devour.

The Scientist

The trickiest way to find out more about your ideal clients is to involve them in an open (or secret!) experiment. The results will be telling, as you’ll get data derived from real-life conditions. As a simple example you have the A/B testing you can do on your email to see which landing page converts best. Furthermore, you could get creative with a more complicated set up and do a hidden experiment to test a new idea.

The next step

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