by Gwendi Klisa
be visible after a break

It is your responsibility to be visible

Have you ever gotten so busy with your product development, your clients, or your life and loved ones, that you didn’t have time to do your content marketing? Maybe you haven’t been on social media as much as you would have liked to, or you’ve let the blogging  fall by the wayside. Especially if you don’t have a team driving you on or the support of a VA. It happens to all of us. On top of that you might actually even value some time out and some privacy from time to time. You may not have a natural drive to be on, on, on at all times, communicating, connecting, and interacting. This of course is very bad news if you have to be visible because you run a business.

First of all, this happens to all of us, especially if we don’t have a team driving us on or the support of a VA.  On top of that we might actually even value the stillness and some privacy from time to time. We may not have a natural drive to be on, on, on at all times, communicating, connecting, and interacting. The result is bad news, especially if we have to be visible for our business.


No, I’m not talking about the classic introvert entrepreneur either, I’m imagining a business owner whose need for solitude is temporary. It’s a mood, a mode, or a funk. It’s something that happens when we’ve been on vacation too long and have no-one to take care of the social media, or we’ve been so inundated with private clients that we didn’t prioritise the weekly vlog. Or we’ve simply switched off for a few weeks to go on a deep dive reflecting about life from a quiet place. Well, whatever the reason for our incommunicado, we need to remember this: our people are waiting for us! It’s time to snap out of it. Time to get back in the game and be visible again.


What! Who thinks to do that!? Yep, I’m not really joking. Ninety seconds. You can make this decision right now while reading this blog. We need to find a way to snap back into our communications as fast as possible and we know it. Take a deep breath and switch that content machine back ON. There. It’s time to decide.

Ready!? When you finish reading this article and get back to your desk you’re going to BOSS it. Get a boost by tackling the easy task first, and keep going after winning those low-hanging fruits. Don’t stall your progress, no one wants you to eat that frog (first thing). It’s not necessary in the least. Because once you’ve broken through the surface, the energy will flow again and you’ll naturally move on to more challenging items on your to-do list. For now we’re just firing the motor up again. The feeling of being active and productive will carry us through. Keep at it tomorrow, it’s the little steps that add up every day to create a success.


Schedule your social media, book in clients or order a truckload of new stock. You’ll get things done, there’s no doubt about that. Facebook posts need answering, clients are waiting to be seen, the shop display needs rearranging. Simply don’t let there be a hole in the diary. Schedule it. Do it. Be a robot. 

You might by the way you hate this approach! In this case you might warm to the notion of creating rituals in your schedule. Rituals are blissful right? Hell yeah! And it’s the ritual that will lead you into the action, it’ll set your day up to flow from task to task.

Let’s talk about our shiny new Wednesday afternoons for example to see how this works out. We’ll automatically do client sales calls every Wednesday at 2pm (after the lunchtime yoga!). Your treat for doing the sales calls is a take-out gingerbread latte which will then be your prompt to write your weekly article. Rituals follow the same principle that makes you brush your teeth after you get up in the morning. You’ve been conditioned to follow a set series of tasks. One leads into the next. Above all a ritual has set times (and props help as well!), so get your own triggers ready. Do this and you’ll have a superstar schedule and you’ll become unstoppable. 


Finally, start off with my an editorial schedule planner for you that prompts you to create content that is genuinely useful to your audience. Download the editorial content master planner here.




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