by Gwendi Klisa
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a social entrepreneur cheering on tired parents

Social entrepreneur Hannah hand-picks products from independent UK brands and creates bespoke gift sets, and she designs her own range of products featuring cheerful affirmations and quirky slogans.

But it’s not only uplifting products she’s offering on her website. 10% of her profits go to the charity MAMA Academy, and she donates £1 from the sale of each parent and baby gift set to relevant charities; mental health, fertility, premature baby care, breastfeeding support.

But this is not all, she’s actually way more involved in good causes than just wiring money to charities…

Hannah is a social entrepreneur who genuinely wants to make people smile. She literally hands out notes and gift vouchers to parents she sees out and about – a little reminder that even when their child is screaming in the supermarket, or they’re too tired to string a sentence together, they’re still superheroes. She’s now rolling out the kindness scheme nationwide with the help of her lovely tribe of parents.

Her long-term dream is to offer paid on-the-job training for mums who are stifled by inflexibility and a demotivating lack of support in the workplace, and who wish to learn new skills to pave a new career path for them.

What’s the one thing that you excel at, that you do better than anyone else?

I’m an absolute grammar pedant, so my writing is always not only passionate, but very carefully considered. I think that this skill is such an advantage when refining a business message and reaching peoples’ hearts.

List the three most important principles you live by

Be kind always

Live your dreams

Never run out of coffee

Do you keep hearing the same compliment? What is it?

That my business and I are all about compassion, kindness, and support; that means a lot to me.

Why do people seek you out?

Because I’m honest and genuine. I don’t do sugar coating or overly negative on my blog, shop, or social media – just real.

List three words that describe you, how do people introduce you?

Kind, gentle, motivated.

What’s the secret sauce you add to your working life?

Compassion and caffeine (In fact I think I’ve just thought up my next mug design…)

What makes your heart beat faster? What gives you energy?

I genuinely squeal and do a happy dance every time I get an order. Likewise when I get to approach a parent in town and give them a note and voucher which tells them they’re doing a great job, or I get to tell my kids that we’re going to the Post Office to send lovely things to customers – that stuff keeps me going.

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