by Gwendi Klisa
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the best way to rock at shoestring marketing is to build yourself into the business

Promoting your business doesn’t have to cost the world. In fact, there’s some inexpensive, basic, shoestring marketing for us to do. Whilst it won’t cost you  lot of money (if any), you’ll have to invest some time and effort. It’s just the right thing for entrepreneurs who love to produce content, and DIY.

Have you set aside time for marketing?

You’re plugging away, perfecting your offering, when you should be spending almost as much time shouting about it from the rooftops. Are you actually spreading the good news? Letting anyone know about it?

There are no more excuses, even if you don’t have a big marketing budget. Hey, especially, if you don’t have a big marketing budget! Here are the five best ways of getting started with shoestring marketing.

Shoestring marketing method No.1: provide valuable content

It’s all about the content. You need to create quality content, regularly, in order to attract your audience to your site. 

To start off, you really ought to blog regularly. Yes, you’ve heard it before, but are you actually doing this? It’s your chance to shine! Talk about your passion, let your audience get to know you. Your blog is the place they meet you and hear what you’ve got to say – long before they make any kind of buying decision. 

As an added bonus, the words you use in your blogs will help google understand what you’re all about. This of course does wonders for your visibility. Search engines also know if you’re blogging regularly, and they’ll reward you with a higher ranking if you update your content frequently.

Write your blog and don’t forget to mention it often. Social media is your free channel to pump out all your valuable content, so really you’ll need all hands on deck for this.

Shoestring marketing method No.2: get out your little black book

This approach to marketing is even simpler. And what I like most about it? Anyone can do it, even if you don’t have a website… and you may even be doing it already…you might just be already taking a chatterbox approach to your marketing… Yes, selling the old fashioned way, through chatting, word-of-mouth and getting to know people. 

For this to work best, go to events where your ideal customers hang out and once you’re there, try to engage with your people. And when it’s your turn to introduce yourself, take that opportunity to deliver your elevator pitch. This has to be done in a none sales-y way, but you got to make sure people know your line of business.

Also take the opportunity to really listen to your ideal customers, as the insights from these conversations are invaluable. You’re getting a real-life opinion on your services. Many of us stay in sales mode after we’ve delivered the elevator pitch, don’t make this mistake, as you’re not at the event to sell, you’re there to provide value and make new connections… take the chance to listen to people’s concerns. Finally, you don’t even have to leave your sofa to have these conversations. Access to social media is all you need.

Make sure you get your prospects details and follow up afterwards. You could even have a card ready with your details on, but this not necessary. This old fashioned chatterbox approach is something many of us like to skip, because it takes us out of our comfort zone. If you see it as a way to socialise and connect you’ll start enjoying these kind of events.

This approach has got to be the most inexpensive (and old school) marketing method there is, a sales classic really. No, don’t think of yourself as a cold caller. You are after all at an event where your ideal customers hang out, so there will be some interest in your services… 

Shoestring marketing method No.3: become a public figure

This is something you should do from the start, but you do expect it to take a little time. Positioning yourself as an expert, and as a public speaker will give you plenty of opportunities to gain some traction. If you manage to bag some PR coverage on top of that, even better.You’ll have some traffic coming your way.

But beware, this approach takes a while, and it’s best to chip away at this little by little.

To do this successfully you’ll want to perfect shoestring marketing method number 2, the little black book campaign. And you’ll soon ace this if you manage to create a powerful personal brand for yourself on top of that.

Shoestring marketing method No.4: be original with a guerrilla campaign.

This is a tough one, but I’m adding it to the list because it can be free or low cost. Keep in mind though that a lot of juice needs to flow to pull this type of marketing campaign off. But if you have a creative squad and some original ideas, you could pull this off. When done well this is often a great success, but usually this is a job for an agency team.


Shoestring marketing can give you all the momentum you need to get started. And once you’re on that level you can use some of your revenue and pump it back into more sophisticated (but certainly not better) ways of advertising your services.

Here’s a first step project for you: make it your mission to talk to a hundred people about your business. Make sure you follow up with the ones who were interested. And join us in our free facebook group today for marketing tips and advice.  It’s a buzzing, supportive community delivering you free workshops, learning videos and on the go advice.



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