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the heritage jewellery designer

Sophie is a heritage jewellery designer who creates lasting memories across time. She started EsmeLoves just after the birth of her daughter Esme, whilst living in India. Being so far away from many of the women in her life at that moment made her realise how much humans crave to connect with loved ones.

To celebrate the arrival of her own daughter she designed pieces of rose quartz jewellery, representing unconditional love, to send across continents to her grandmother, mother, sister, and mother-in-law. The pieces were all similar in design but differentiated in their styles, suiting the range of ages of the women. For her daughter she created a small silver bangle matching the design for the family.

Through her jewellery she created a bond transcending the physical distance between them celebrating the generations of women in her family.

What’s the one thing that you excel at, that you do better than anyone else?

I am creative. I used to teach theatre and my area of speciality was devising theatre, creating a performance from a single idea or starting point and so I often apply this to aspects of my life. I am creative in ideas and able to quickly turn situations around.

List the three most important principles you live by

Don’t lie.

I am a terrible liar. I get all flustered and a lie will sit badly with me. I think in life it is okay to ‘fake it till we make it’ but when we start to lie consistently to ourselves and others it becomes a terrible situation. For me, truth wins every time… even if it is hard to handle.

Find the joy.

I became very aware of the joy in the little things in life over the last few years and I think we can be very happy if we focus on the things we have. It doesn’t mean we don’t have to have aspirations or ambition to want more but I think so many people don’t really appreciate the simple joy in their own life, they are always chasing someone else’s.

You have to work for it.

In this world of social media it is often easy to think that people stumble upon success and fortune just like that. We live in an ‘instant moment’ where we want something, we get it. If we order something on line we want it now, not tomorrow. if we need to find out some information we can just click on a few links and find out everything we need to know. It can then be hard to not expect instant success for an idea or business we have started but you have to work hard and consistently to be able to reap the rewards. I am a big believer that if you work hard enough for something then you will get it.

Do you keep hearing the same compliment? What is it?

That I am creative and capable, which I find odd sometimes as it is not something you can measure and I don’t often see that what I have done is creative. I think very visually, so if I can see it then I can create it.

Why do people seek you out?

I am not sure they do, at the moment! I would love more to seek me out (check out the website ;). However those that do find me love that my jewellery is timeless and is aimed at women of all ages. It was designed with my grandmother and my young daughter in mind and so it is inclusive of women of all ages, which people really like.

My business is about connecting with those we love. We live in an age where it has never been easier to connect with people, often online but offline it is becoming harder. Jewellery can be the tool to connect. Wearing something that has been gifted by your daughter, or friend, gifting a piece to a grandmother and wearing a bracelet that is of the same design are just small but significant ways to show you are thinking of them. It is not about price it is about value, sentimental value.

List three words that describe you, how do people introduce you?

Creative, thoughtful, dreamer

What’s the secret sauce you add to your working life?

I get up early and focus myself before the day hits me. I lived in India for 8 years and fell in love with yoga and so I have built this into my morning routine. I also run, which gives me space to think and energises my ideas, I often run home and write loads of stuff down whilst it is still fresh. Oh and coffee…lots of it!

What makes your heart beat faster? What gives you energy?

My ideas! I get excited about my ideas and what I could do with my business long term. When I chat to customers about my business or they receive an order and send me a lovely email thanking me, that always makes me feel good. My children make my heart beat faster…although they have way more energy than me!

Go to esmeloves.com to find out more about this jewellery designer and see her gemstone jewellery creations that celebrate the generations of women we love.

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