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Personal Brand photo of a Digital Copywriter

Laura is a digital copywriter – or should we say Wordsmith?

Laura Robinson of Worditude is not your average digital copywriter, she’s a content marketing expert and strategist. It would even be fair to say that she’s an educator, leader, content strategist, and all round super woman.

And would it get to her head if we said that? No!

Her sense of humour and understated writing style is absolutely British and all round fab. It’s clear to say that I’m a big fan of her work!

And to be honest, I feel a bit queasy writing this intro for her, as she’d say it all so much better! The good thing is, that I know Laura a bit and she’s really down to earth, so I think this is going to work out ok.

Let’s hear what this digital copywriter / educator / leader / strategist has to say about personal brand…

What’s the one thing that you excel at, that you do better than anyone else?

My super-power is putting myself in the customer’s shoes and figuring out what they need to hear. My copywriting clients and course students are cursed with too much knowledge and find it difficult to think like a customer. So I help them bridge that gap. I’ve worked in marketing, customer relationship management, communications, and user experience ever since I graduated (which was quite a while ago now), so I’ve had plenty of practice.

List the three most important principles you live by

Never push through something that doesn’t feel good.

I try to stop and reflect on what that bad feeling is trying to tell me, what I need to do differently, or how I could look at the situation differently. And I encourage everyone I love, especially my sons, to do the same. I think we’re often given the message that we need to suck it up and get on with it, which teaches us to disregard our inner voice (or instinct, or whatever you’re comfortable calling it). But this invisible quiet companion will be with us our whole life, and can be our most helpful navigational tool if we learn how to listen to and trust it.

Create plans, don’t be ruled by them.

Whether it’s my schedule for the day, or longer-term goals, I like to spend time planning out how I’d like it to look, but I’m not a slave to that vision. It’s a rough draft at best, but the planning exercise helps me focus on what matters, and make the most of my time. I guess they end up being more like intentions than plans.

I’ve always got time to stroke a cat.

It doesn’t matter how hectic the day is, or how busy I feel, I’ve always got time to stroke one of my tabby cats whenever they climb all over me to get my attention. And then applying that principle a little wider, I’ve got time to stop and listen to what my sons are talking to me about (usually a video game), or time to have a coffee in the sunshine in the garden. This idea came to me a few years ago, at a difficult time, when it felt like I was constantly rushing around. My cat walked in front of me, dropped to the floor, and rolled around on her back insisting on a belly stroke. It took about 20 seconds to do, and I felt so much better. These micro-pleasures are essential – they take almost no time at all, but it’s these small pleasures that make my day. I like holidays, or big days out, but daily micro-pleasures are what I live for.

Do you keep hearing the same compliment? What is it?

You’ve written what I wanted to say, but better.

Why do people seek you out?

When they know their website content is selling their business short. They have no problem selling the idea of their product/business/service during a one-to-one conversation, but their website content isn’t doing this for them. They need help writing website copy that connects with that same power as a personal conversation.

List three words that describe you, how do people introduce you?

Balanced, open, playful.

What’s the secret sauce you add to your working life?

Business doesn’t have to be boring. If someone’s taking the time to read my blog post, or email, I want to entertain them, not just inform them. Same applies when I’m helping other business owners write their online content. Our audience are busy people – let’s reward their attention on us, with content they’ll enjoy and remember.

What makes your heart beat faster? What gives you energy?

Climbing with my friends (usually involves a lot of chatting), cycling on my own, and watching F1 all make my heart beat faster. Being by the sea (I live one mile from the beach) helps recharge my batteries.


Find out more about this digital copywriter and her content strategies Photo: © Kerrie Measor

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