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by Gwendi Klisa
photograph of a Personal Brand Photographer London

Meet your BFFAuthentic Brand Photographer

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Catherine and she’s obviously a great brand photographer with a superb eye for detail as well as never losing sight of the big picture.

But she’s got an unrelated skill set: Catherine immediately makes that connection to the people around her. I felt like I’d found my long-lost twin when we greeted each other, she managed to make me feel very comfortable. This really helped in a photoshoot kind of way, as our working together was painless and swift – and even fun! – qualities you’re looking for when booking yourself in for PR shots.

Did she rebrand recently? Yes, she did! Catherine has become more and more real, and more authentic, and this has filtered through to making her business Entirely Catherine! What a genius business name. Entirely Catherine.

So when you next bump into her, you will first notice her happy, sunny disposition, but look past that to see that she’s the real deal. I bet you’ll relate to her instantly.

What’s the one thing that you excel at, that you do you do better than anyone else?

I have an eye (and an ear) for the details – During preparation time with my clients I get to know as much as I can about their businesses and the plans they have, what they are aiming to do with their websites and social media content and where they are planning to use their photographs.  I pick up on the details that make their brand personal to them, about the colours, their clients, sometimes the tools they use and importantly the feel they want to convey for their service or product.

During a shoot, I will notice the little things that will improve a shot, a finger out of place or a distracting hair or object, mis-hanging jewellery or something else which just needs a tweak – these things can make all the difference to the overall photograph.

List the three most important principles you live by

Be good and kind

I have a little mantra I often use, “Breath in and out Catherine, be good, and be kind”.  It serves me well when things get difficult and I feel a bit lost – I’m human (apparently), it happens.  If in my heart I can do just these three things each day, I know I can rest peacefully at night and know I have done my best.

Smile and laugh often

And why not?  Life’s too short.

I fell in love with my partner because of his smile,…it drew me in.  Probably also because he loves obstacle racing, as I do and isn’t shy of other crazy events and keeping fit.  I love that we laugh so much together about the silliest things that occur, how we see the world around us and don’t take things too seriously where possible.  I always say to him “I’m the luckiest girl.”  I honestly believe that.

Look for the adventure

It’s just got to be done.  Even a trip to the supermarket can be turned into an adventure if you let it!

Of course there are bigger adventures, too.  My first marathon was an off-road event based in the hills of the Lake District, starting with a run across Morecombe Bay and ending with several obstacles across water! My first mountain climb was on the Crib Goch technical route up Snowden. My partner had checked with me first I was happy with heights…yes I said!!!!  Honestly, Google it, it was an awesome experience I’ll never forget!

Do you keep hearing the same compliment? What is it?

I’ve been thanked numerous times, by clients who were initially so nervous about their photoshoot, for being very reassuring and helping them to relax.  More often than not I hear, ‘I actually enjoyed the shoot, it was fun!’

Why do people seek you out?

They’ve seen my work, have heard I’m good to work with and allow me the time to do a no pressure, ‘hello’ Skype’ to see if I might be the right photographer for them.

List three words that describe you, how do people introduce you?

As a photographer: Creative, Adaptable, Approchable.

On a personal level: Friendly, Supportive, Open-minded.

What’s the secret sauce you add to your working life?

I love variety, I love people – therefore working with a vast variety of people all passionate about their vast varieties of businesses provides me with the perfect combination of fun and challenge.  My clients have spanned social media experts, to the owner of a beard emporium, and more recently a start-up entrepreneur setting up a t-shirt business.

What makes your heart beat faster? What gives you energy?

Adventures – I’m lucky enough to be fit, healthy and active.  I get myself out and about as often as I can, whatever the weather!  I’ve climbed mountains, run marathon length obstacle courses, and also love fishing and gardening…anything that means I see something of the world and gives me a story to tell in the future.

Entirely Catherine brand photographer. Book here Photos © John-Christian Jacques

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