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this interior designer transformed her career within 12 months

Isabella Strambio is an interior designer by trade and she transformed herself into a maestro artisan and educator when she challenged herself – and excelled – to learn 12 crafts in 12 months.

This was in 2016 and she duly recorded this journey on her blog and only a year later she was able to quit her day job as a senior interior designer to concentrate on crafting exclusive pieces for her online shop, sharing her maker skills with others, and exploring new techniques.

What’s the one thing that you excel at, that you do better than anyone else?

I’m the most creative & inspiring educator. I love teaching my crafts to people. I always give 100% and the feedback is extraordinary! Some people have now opened their own online shop, they run workshops, they started a new hobby. Others simply love finding a few hours of mindfulness and create with their hands. A break from the computer, phone and the busy lifestyle and they keep coming back to my workshops.

List the three most important principles you live by

Passion Passion in what I do.

Authentic Always be real- the good and the bad side of the business.

Inspiring Inspire others to start a creative journey.

Do you keep hearing the same compliment? What is it?

The passion for what I do comes across when I teach.

Why do people seek you out?

People that follow me on IG or other social media are attracted to what I do and want to learn something new. Others simply find me online while searching for macrame or craft workshops to attend in London. I feel people in the capital love escapism and new experiences, more than the rest of the country.

List three words that describe you, how do people introduce you?


People love to hear my story on how I started a blog about recording my creative journey about learning 12 crafts in 12 months and after few month I started to teach what I was learning.  In summer 2017 I quit my day job as a senior interior designer, moved to the country and start working just on my crafts and workshops. I’m also a mum of two and for me, this is the lifestyle I always wanted. A lot of women and mums can relate to my journey.


I always tell people that it’s not easy! On my instagram it might look like I’m the queen of macrame and natural dyeing, but the reality is that I work really hard and I don’t earn, yet, as much as when I was a senior designer. On the other hand, I am much happier and I do spend more time with my family. I wouldn’t want to do anything else and I can say I have found my work-life balance.


I’m very passionate about what I do but also I’m passionate about other people to learn and find their ‘happiness’ by making. Like yoga or meditation, making is very mindful and using our hands to make something is incredibly rewarding.

What’s the secret sauce you add to your working life?

Planning! For me, it’s so important to plan and organize my days and prioritise what to do each day/week/month. This way I can monitor my progress in every area of my business.

What makes your heart beat faster? What gives you energy?

A new idea, a new material to try out, collaborating with other creatives.

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