by Gwendi Klisa
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Perfectionists recoil. There’s nothing more useful than some real-life customer feedback you gain through you beta testing your product!

Are you working on a product idea, or are you launching a new business any time soon? Do you have your beta testing in the diary? And are you sharing the process on a blog or on social media? If your answer is yes, you’ve planted yourself firmly on the path to success.

Launch early and often

A new breed of entrepreneurs is rolling in and they share their ideas as early as the first prototype is ready, and the first sample has been printed. They’re honing their products as they develop it, and they achieve this through rigorous beta testing. Perfectionists recoil, but what better feedback is there as the input you get from real life customers?

Could you launch an early version of your product or services, do some beta testing, as soon as it’s ready? You’ll improve it based on your first customers’ feedback, hence creating exactly what your audience wants. That has to be the way forward.

You may be creating a designer product which is a tricky one as it must only be launched after it has been crafted to perfection. Perfection. This is a business trap, please beware.

Make time to share

Could you entertain the idea to start a blog as soon as you’re beta testing your business idea or your product development? Sharing ideas and plans from an early stage is the best way to get your enterprise known, connecting you to your community. An added benefit is that google’s spiders will start taking an interest in you.

Check your diary and see if it’s possible to plug in a regular weekly time for blogging. You’ll fill your website with useful content and start attracting like minded people. Regular fresh content streaming onto your site will create a buzz around your offerings. It is The One Thing (alright…it’s One of the things) you ought to be doing when you’re starting a business. It’ll almost make up for the fact that you don’t have a massive advertising budget.

All power ahead

Once you’ve decided to go public with your beta testing there’s another issue…and it’s a big one for all of us who aren’t professional writers.

Writing is a skill that needs a lot of practice…and who’s got time? If you’re starting a new small business chances are, you’re trying to do everything yourself. From logo creation to flyer design, to figuring out how to set up your WordPress template, to actually making your product, setting up your services, beta testing your product to painting your new business premises. A lot of people still have the day job, friends and family, and a life to live. Something’s got to give and that will be different for everyone. But whatever you do, make sure someone’s taking care of that blog.

You could schedule this right now…

Streamline one of your days into a communications day. Carve out 30 minutes per week, find a medium you like to communicate in…you know you don’t have to write the blog, you could photo blog, v-log, podcast… there’s something for you out there.

You’re blogging already? You’re a step ahead!

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