Why branding startups might be a waste of energy

by Gwendi Klisa
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Branding startups tows the fine line between perfecting and bootstrapping

As an entrepreneur with a great idea you’ll want to test it in the market as soon as you can. But you’ll soon stumble on a big obstacle, you need a fully fledged brand, at the very least we should start to make logos. Branding startups needs careful balance. We don’t want to do too little, because one thing is for sure: branding is everything. But we also don’t want to waste too many resources on branding when it is still very early on.

Get that attention on a shoestring budget: branding startups

There’s so much choice out there that your products, your website, your angle, and everything else you create need to stand out, look right and be recognisable or you’ll lose your audience’s attention as fast as you can say “Gather round!”.

You could have the best product in the world, but if it’s not packaged right you won’t be able to shift it…. Now, I’m not saying packaged expensively or in any way complicated, I’m saying packaged right for your audience.

We’re doing all the jobs of a small advertising agency

This is the reality we’re dealing with as entrepreneurs. It adds another layer of work onto our schedules. We’re faced with the dilemma of deciding of how many resources we should throw at an offering that might still be in a developing stage. So let’s pause for a moment before we reach for the big guns.

Stop deliberating and start shipping…think of all the people who need your product right now.

How much branding do I really need to do?

Hands up if you think you’ve spent too much energy and money on branding, especially if you’re just starting out and suspect that your products and offerings might develop alongside your audience’s preferences and feedback?

Who wants to make logos when they don’t even know where their product is headed? Well, it’s more people than you think, because I see so many business owners spending absolutely ages fiddling with the minute details of their brands. Obsessing over colours, logo, strap lines, ideal customer avatar. We need to reign this in when we notice it getting out of hand and when it starts blocking our progress of actually delivering products. There’s a fine line between getting it just so and getting it shipped.

Call in some help

And of course the big question is: how can we do both? How can we have a perfect brand and be fast and efficient in creating it at the same time? I might just have the solution for you…

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