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by Gwendi Klisa
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Connect to Your Ideal Customer in 3 Simple Steps… (every entrepreneur must do this)

Coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, whether you’ve been in business for years, or just getting started. Are you dedicating time to build a deep relationship with your ideal customer?

Knowing your ideal customer profoundly is the one thing you need to master, to set you up for success. Understanding this person will have a profound effect on your business, enabling you to make your offers irresistible, because you’ll know what your ideal customer wants.

If I had to pick one business activity, I’d go with the 3-step ideal customer exercise I’m about to introduce.

Following along will bring results, and it will accelerate your business. Do nothing else, but make sure you build your ideal customer avatar. This 3-step exercise explains how to do this with minimum distraction, and it even contains a built-in reality check. Sound good?

Fab. It’s the most direct route to connect to your audience, without wasting time, and whilst starting a conversation that gets your business off the ground.

This 3-Step Ideal Customer Exercise Will Pay Off in the Long Run

Many business owners brush off creating an ideal customer avatar. They know – in their heads – who they’re serving, but haven’t gotten any more specific.

Are you one of these entrepreneurs? Have you gone through an ideal customer building exercise…in your head? Trust me, these things are best done on paper. Skip this exercise and it could cost you.

Read on and dedicate an afternoon to this, if you’re ready to scale up your business. Having your ideal customer in place will accelerate your business, no matter where you’re at right now.

Some Popular Excuses…

Are you still trying to get out of the ideal customer building exercise? You’re not alone! Lots of my clients reason with themselves to avoid this exercise. “I’ve been doing business for a long time without an ideal customer avatar – and I’m doing just fine!”.

The answer is that these highly intuitive people may have sold hot cakes, and were probably serving a defined, specific, and close-knit community they were intimately familiar with from the go.

So yes, doing business without a clearly defined avatar can work  – for a while – for some businesses, but ploughing ahead without a consciously defined ideal customer isn’t what I’d recommend.

Being intentional in your communications will help you connect easily AND it simplifies your product creation as you’ll definitely know what you ideal customer wants and needs.

Keep Moving Ahead, Momentum is Everything

Once we’ve understood how important serving that specific person really is in business, a lot of entrepreneurs get sidetracked and swing the other way. They stall, not knowing how to proceed exactly and spend way too much time on this exercise.

The secret to doing the avatar exercise successfully, is to accept that it’s a work in progress. Your avatar is never a hundred percent finished, you’ll have to add secondary avatars as you add more products, the market changes, your audiences’ needs change, etc.

Embrace this fluidity and set yourself a strict timeframe to create the avatar. We want to make sure this exercise doesn’t block your progress. The mantra here is: “Good enough!”, and “Keep moving ahead!”, as we can’t afford to lose the momentum.

1. Build the Ideal Customer Avatar: Create a Profile

This step will see you create the profile of a fictitious person, you’ll name him or her, list all their favourite things, as much demographic information as you can, and include a picture. This is a getting-to-know you exercise.

2. Understand the Avatar: Connect on a Deeper Level

Now it’s time to get clear on what your avatar wants to achieve and what they want to avoid in relation to your products. Really take an hour and get inside your avatar’s head and write down their aspirations and fears in their voice. This exercise will inform everything you communicate from sales pages to copywriting.

Whilst doing this exercise, you’ll have to dive deep into the mind of your ideal customer, getting to the bottom of what motivates them. This is the  least popular step of the ideal customer exercise, but it needs to be done.

It feels intrusive, so many of my clients have stopped short of this step.

I’ve got a trick to get past this resistance though: get totally clear on how beneficial your product is. When you know that your product serves, helps and is a force for good you’ll easily dive into your ideal customers’ minds to find the words that sell your products.

So keep your altruistic WHY close to you. Why are you doing what you’re doing, why do you want to help your ideal customer? Knowing why you want to help your ideal customers will ultimately help you ease the discomfort of temporarily getting inside their minds.

3. Verify your Avatar: Time for a Reality Check

You’ve got your ideal customer avatar, you’ve got their hidden thoughts and motivations and you’re all set to go, only to find that you actually cannot reach these people.

To ensure your ideal customer avatar doesn’t stay in fantasy-land, we need to constantly reality-check them.

Make sure you can reach the ideal customer you’re building. Speak to your actual audience, poll them, ask them what type of products they want from you, what questions they have for you. Keep asking questions, you really want to get to the bottom of things, so if they tell you they don’t like a specific product, ask them why they don’t like it. The information you’ll get from these questions will be invaluable.

We want the avatar to stand for a real, actual person. This is the verify step of the exercise.

Starting conversations with real people in your audience is the beginning of your first product research and marketing campaign. You talk to them and then create what they told you they need.

The Tried & Tested 3-Step Exercise to “get” your ideal customer: Build, Understand, Verify

The approach I take to avatar-building is this: build, understand, and verify your ideal customer. It has to be a three-pronged approach and each step deserves to get some of your attention. Do these steps in order, or mix them up, either way is fine as the steps feed into each other. Be especially mindful to always include a bit of step 3 into your day, so get out there or hop onto social media and talk to your audience.

Start creating your avatar right now and you’ll be miles ahead the many entrepreneurs who are talking to everybody. Be different, dare to niche down!

Follow the exercise and you’ll be speaking directly to your one ideal customer, addressing his/her concerns, wants and aspirations, creating the products he/she asked for.

Doing this will make your sales process very, very simple.

Next Steps for You

Are you inspired to get to know your ideal client? It’s the first step to a deeper connection to your audience. You know it needs to be done. Click the link below and to get started right away!

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