by Gwendi Klisa
archetypes branding

archetypes branding makes for some powerful communication

Have you ever wondered how brands manage to distinguish themselves when there’s so many of them in one niche? How they manage to send out a particular message each time they communicate with their audience? A message that they don’t even need to spell out because it’ll come across in their appearance and style? You might just have found the well-kept secret of archetypes branding.

Archetypes branding adds the unconscious appeal

Nature hard-wired us to pick up subtle clues since the dawn of time. And as brand owners can tap into this by using the power of mythology, which goes back thousands of years. I’m talking about rekindling the stories our ancestors told each other, stories that we are programmed to cling on to. These stories contain ingredients you want to add to your branding in the 2020s, if you really want to throw your weight around.

Above all, finding and channeling your archetypes in branding will pull your whole brand together and give your business an unconscious appeal. An archetype you can relate to will be your model to emulate in your own style.

Archetypes are eternal and universal

All humans understand an archetype when they see one. Archetypes are symbols that keep popping up in literature, art, or mythology throughout history.

Think of archetypes as the original, first model after which all other similar persons, objects, or concepts are derived and modelled. They embody the essence of an idea, of a human being, a situation, or a place.

Take a moment to take these words in: love – the alchemist – the journey – the garden, these are all examples of archetypes. Some are event archetypes (such as birth), others are archetypes that embody a persona (the Emperor), or even a place (the cave). 

How do archetypes appeal to humans?

Finally, archetypes communicate through the power of symbolism, image and non-verbal communication, we understand them without the need for words, and they have a powerful impact. 

Archetypes show rather than tell, which makes for a deep communication. In other words, archetypes send out a subliminal message, which is a very good thing when trying to build a brand.

Gravity’s causes are unknown, but we still need to factor it in to our lives. Same with archetypes. We don’t have to understand them to leverage them.
Seth Godin

The industry’s best kept secret

As brand owners we scramble to distinguish ourselves. Our archetype ensures that we stand out in a crowded marketplace. 

Think of Shampoos: there’s the Jester (Aussie), the Lover (Fekkai), the Rebel (Toni & Guy). All these are examples of Haircare brands, but they manage to provoke different associations in our hearts. The brands have successfully worked their archetypes to achieve a certain “feel”.

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