Is Your Perfectionism Stopping You?

Don't let Perfectionism Trip You Up Before You Even Get Started

Have you ever made an epic plan and not been able to pull through? I’ve just overheard some colleagues chatting about how they’re absolutely ace at starting things, but less so at working out the minute details and at finishing off the work. Could it be perfectionism standing in their way?

So whether you’re fleshing out your ideal customer avatar, styling your set for that YT channel, creating Facebook banners, fiddling with your website, or writing a blog post, there’s ample room for you to fail. 

Hold on, let me say this better … there’s ample room for US to fail. Because this happens to the best of us. Join the massive number of aspiring business owners struggling getting their stuff out there, be it a blog post or their flagship product, they're so hung up on their own perfectionism so they never get around to shipping at an appropriate time.

Time to Let Go

It’s down to a few beliefs, and one is worse than the next so hold tight while we bust the myths around perfectionism. Because here’s the catch: the sooner you get out there with your content and products, even with a beta version, the sooner you’ll have eyeballs on your wares, and the sooner you can start making some money.

The Perfect Frenemy Trap

Do you have someone in your life who’s full of brilliant suggestions for improvement of your work? Fantastic, count yourself lucky, because feedback on your work is the backbone of your business! So your perfect friend is an industry expert and provides you with well-meaning advice. A total doer who doesn’t understand why you take so long putting it all together perfectly. Be careful as this well meaning person can easily trap you in a loop of perfectionism. You'll be caught up in never-ending polishing without launching. 

Here’s how to deal with your perfect friend: collect all their suggestions on a big spreadsheet. This is pure business gold. The categories on this spreadsheet are simple: should have, would have, and could have. Then decide for yourself what features and what level of perfection your current version should have, how phase 2 of your work should look like, and so on. Your perfect friend is invaluable if handled well, so don’t forget to consult them from time to time because you can count on her excellent feedback to improve your business.

You're Polishing the Last Inch Forever

Now, we know, the way you polish the last inch of your work can either make it a masterpiece or not. Perfectionism creates big thing, for sure. But do you need a masterpiece from the go, and more importantly, are you efficient and experienced enough in polishing up that last inch? Or do you use it as an excuse not to launch? 

Perfectionism is an ailment and whilst it’ll make you shine, it needs to be managed properly like a price race horse. Do you have it in check? Are you able to let go? Can you get it all just so without overdoing it and ending up mucking about?

Learn to identify the moment you’re happy with the work, the moment when you know that you’re finished. Then be bold and put it out there. Just like that, that's all there is to it. 

Because ‘work’ is never finished. There’s relentless room to polish up anything and everything, for projects to be tinkered with forever. Nothing wrong with that if you're a hobbyist by the way, but I assume you're a business owner and if that is the case you need your products, your brand and your content out there like, now.

Let’s face it, things are never perfect and we live best if we manage to embrace this state of flux and ride with it from day one. You can always publish a version 1.1 down the road.

Compulsive Comparing

If the previous two reasons for perfectionism are harmless bedfellows, then this is the real sickness. This is an obsession and needs to stop like right now, because it’ll short circuit any progress in its tracks.

Whatever you do, do not compare your sample product to the latest Apple gadget, or your fifth youtube video to a top influencer’s sleek, entertaining and educational youtube channel. Just don't compare. There’s no need to sugarcoat this now, and you’ll either love me or hate me, but we all know who’s going to come out top in that, right? 

Grab a pen because I want you to write down two words right now: Good Enough. That’s it. Give yourself permission to be good enough. And just go on your own journey, and enjoy it for the process it is rather than straining your eyes to see the finish line.

Everyone has to begin somewhere and the successful ones are usually  the ones who managed to show up consistently and kept up the work. 

So if you’re anything like this don’t keep perfecting go out there and show yourself, launch, publish and see where it takes you.

What do you think? Is it just me? Let me know in the comments below