Marketing hitting a wall?

Ask yourself these two questions to start troubleshooting your marketing problem...

Is your marketing building up traction? Are you selling as much as you’d like to? Or is it not that clear cut and you're ready to make some changes. And hold your horses if you're about to throw a lot of money at your marketing problem – it may be time to find a quiet moment and ask yourself a couple of questions. 

If I’d ask you, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much you believed in your products, what would be your answer? How much do you think the world needs your offerings? 

Are you awarding yourself a solid 10 plus?

If you realise, after a bit of soul searching, that you’re not rating your products as absolutely essential and life changing for your people, it may be time to pivot or modify your idea a bit. This is something to do earlier rather than later so that your marketing problem doesn't turn into a marketing block.

I'm talking from experience here, and hope to warn anyone to check in with themselves to see if they're onto right type of business for themselves. 

The motivation behind your business

A few years back I designed and produced an educational childrens’ sleep app for the App Store. I was completely fired up to do the creative and production part, to build sets from cardboard, photograph them, design a character, and take care of the branding and website. As a creative director I had all the skills to do this work, there was no obstacle. I also had three sleepless children under 5, the whole product felt so right. 

Only it wasn’t!

How bad do you want to sell it?

With branding and production taken care of, I approached marketing and sales with less fervour. Why was I facing this marketing problem when I had worked as a marketer for the past 15 years?

Truth is, I’m a heart focussed marketer, and if that sounds cheesy to you, so be it, it's another way of saying I only ever sell things I love! 

And I'm not a big fan of screen time for kids. Yes, our kids do play on iPads from time to time (and sometimes longer than I’d like them to). But deep down I think that screen time should be limited for all of us, and especially for our kids! 

Did I get on stage selling more screen time to families? I honestly couldn't. Even though my app was beautiful and educational and I was telling myself this, I wasn’t feeling the value to the world as much as I should have. I wasn’t in the best position to market it. I held back! 

And this wasn't the whole story why I held back, there's a second question we should look at if there's a marketing problem in your business.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you want to be the expert in this field? Will you be able to sustain an interest in this subject for a long time? 

We are the speakers for our cause in today’s personal brand marketing world. So make sure you're starting the right kind of business. A business in a field that you're deeply interested in, for the future, something that you want to talk about for hours, something that you feel qualified in and something that you're passionate about.

And have I ever been the person to talk about kids’ sleep? No, of course not. Especially since we still haven't nailed bedtime! 

If you notice you've got a marketing problem, you may want to assess yourself...

It takes a bit of soul searching, ask yourself the two questions and let them sink in for a few days. Check in with yourself to see whether you genuinely believe in your products, and if you're happy taking on the expert position in your field.

So many of my clients come to me saying they're stuck with their marketing and sales. This can have a lot of reasons of course, and sometimes, just sometimes, it might be that they're not starting the right kind of business. 

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