gwendi klisa helps you build a magnetic brand

Build a Magnetic Brand

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Tweak your brand mindset to enchant your audience

Running a small business keeps you busy, no doubt. So busy in fact that it’s sometimes easy to ignore to the things you can’t see…

Yes. The things that you can’t see. Now hold on to your hats as I’m going to go even further: there’s an energy surrounding your business that you’re feeding. With every little thing you do. That you’re tending to constantly. This sounds woo and I don’t care, because this “energy” is your brand, and we need to talk about it. I want to make you aware of this, so you’ll be able to send out the right signals to your ideal customer. Making sure your brand comes across the way you intend it to. So you can build a relationship of trust with your audience, which will spread your message and ultimately raise your bottom line.

Don’t think of your brand as your logo, and your business cards. Take a broader view. Start seeing your brand as an energy, which lives in the sphere of emotions and thought. You can’t touch it, it’s a construct, a zone, where your audience meets and experiences you, your business and your products.

It’s the relationship you have with your customer. It’s what your audience thinks when they interact with your business – and when they don’t interact with you. Brand is the feeling your customer takes away from doing business with you. It’s the expectation your customer has when visiting your website with the intention to buy something. Taking all this into account paves the way to a much more effective way of approaching your communications and marketing.

You’ll ultimately want to gain a place in your audience’s hearts and minds, so they remember you without even being prompted to.

As business owners we need to ensure that our customer’s experience adds so much value to their lives that they’ll want to engage. Again and again… in other words, we better make sure our brand is appealing, unique, memorable and presented in a way that keys in with you ideal customer’s preferences. We need to set out to build a genuine relationship.

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