Gwendi Klisa explains brand strategy

Do this One Thing to Nail Your Branding

Many entrepreneurs are so busy with their daily schedule that they often skip over the one thing that makes or breaks their branding and content creation. They think they can get away without a brand strategy. Don’t be like them!

Before you set out creating even one more piece of content – and before you create your entire brand – you should stop and ask yourself if you’ve got a proper brand strategy in place.

This strategy will help you manifest your brand, it’ll serve as a guide that makes sure your values shine through every time you create and communicate something.

So in order to nail your branding, make sure you’re creating a brand strategy and this starts with a brand brief, visualising the building blocks of your brand:
1. Your offerings
2. Your values and what you stand for
3. Who you serve
4. What makes your offerings unique
5. How to make your offerings irresistible
6. Who else lives in your marketplace
7. And finally, compressed into a few words, your BIG IDEA

Not having this brand brief in place means you’re not laying a solid foundation which will cause a headache down the line and results in ill targeted and incoherent branding.

Creating the brand, usually a fun task that should come from your heart and soul, turns into a chore. Many people say to me “But Gwen, I’ve got my brand in my head, I know what it’s meant to look like”. Or “I have the colours written down on a note. I know what I’m doing, Gwen.” Well, this is not enough. You need to think it through and spell it out if you want to create a magnetic and memorable brand. You should really try to commit this to paper.

Your clear brand strategy will make sure you’re expressing your cause as well as where you come from with every single message you send out. It makes your messaging laser focused and demonstrates exactly what your business stands for, so when a customers’ problem arises, your business with its clearly defined cause will spring to their mind.

Keep the consistency over time and you’ll have a bunch of loyal customers. They can relate to your offerings and your brand. They found a tribe and a value system that they love to align themselves with. They found what they wanted and don’t need to spend time and energy experimenting.

Once in place your brand brief will do the work for you. It’ll give you clarity and it’ll simplify everyday decisions about content creation and provide answers to your branding dilemmas.

It’ll point to a clearly defined path for you to follow step by step in your business. Your brand brief is at the heart of every marketing move you’re making.

Do you have a brand brief in place? If your answer is no then what are you waiting for?

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