Gwendi Klisa explains why you need a brand brief

A Brand Brief will Transform the Way You Do Business

How to put a Brand Brief Together in 4 Easy Steps

Some brands just always look good. Not only the big brands but a lot of smaller ones, too. You know which ones I’m talking about. They look slick, together and memorable. What about you business… are you in this group, or are you wondering how on earth they pull this off?

If you’re still finding your brand style, then you’ve just come across a solution: the only difference between the slick brands and the amateur ones is that the former have a structure in place that keeps their brand and all their content on message. And we’re about to do the same for your brand. We’ll devise a game plan to keep your brand on track and engage your audience. 

Your messages will be clear and recognisable and your audience will find it rewarding and easy to relate to you. You’ll build a dialogue and a relationship, branded message by branded message you send out. Sound good? Oh… I forgot something…

This isn’t going to be all about your client now. There’s something in it for you too! 

How about this: having a brand brief will make you focused, calm and inspired throughout your branding journey. Get your brand brief right and your messaging and communications, and your whole brand identity will be easy — and fun — to manage, plus you’ll be rewarded by gathering a tribe you really relate to. 

Yes, this is exactly the way we like to work… and at the basis of all this sits your brand brief. In order to create this document, you’ll have to put in some work and look under the hood of your business to gain total clarity about who you are and where you’re going. You’ll ask yourself questions, then distil the answers into simple brand building blocks. These form the basis for your brand brief, a blueprint for you to refer to in the future. 

Here are the steps we’re going to follow:

I Answering essential questions 

II Distilling the questions into brand building blocks

III Putting it all together in a brand brief 

IV And finally, compressed into a few words, expressing your BIG IDEA

Are you rolling up your sleeves yet? Read on for an easy how-to guide on putting your brand brief together like a pro. 

It’s easiest to tackle these brand building blocks in a specific order, that way you’ll get unstuck quickly and make strides toward total brand clarity (you can subscribe to my order of doing it – for completely free of charge – here). Don’t expect a linear process though, as you’ll usually come back and tweak an individual building block once you’ve answered them all… Another thing to be prepared for is that while some of the questions involve writing out lists off the top of your head, for others you’ll have to do a bit of research, others will have you really overcome some deep seated resistance, and others will have you deduct and combine your findings like Sherlock Holmes.

Ready to play?

Think of your brand brief as one big puzzle. But it’s a puzzle with a twist, and you may have to go back and tweak one or two of them as you work through them. The more insight you get, the more likely it becomes that you have to modify a block to make sure it fits the picture perfectly. Also, do keep in mind that these building blocks are flexible concepts and they slowly evolve because your customers change, you competition doesn’t stand still, and your market changes.

So how does this look in practice?

Let’s say you start out listing your products and services, but, after checking out your competition, notice that your offerings are a bit too similar, aimed at the same group of people. You now may have to tweak your products and services in order to find your own unique selling point. Or you change your brand positioning slightly to address issues your competitor doesn’t cover to serve a slightly different segment of the market and to avoid setting up shop exactly on your competitor’s plot. See how this primes us to deal with the competition in a no-sweat, stress free manner? There really IS enough to go around if you’ve placed yourself in a unique position in the market. There’s a tribe looking for exactly what you have to offer.

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